Jawed Habib

Jawed Habib (JH) group of companies and associates is one of the leading hair & beauty salon and academy chains in India. We have evolved over the last 3 generations and have adopted the science of understanding and styling hair and not merely cutting or using styling products. All our hair stylists have been meticulously trained in Jawed Habib Academy on these scientific methods of hair cutting and styling to benefit our customers.

Our Services:-

Hair and Beauty

a>Hair Cut:-Your life may not be perfect, but ensure your haircut is!
b>Hair Spa:-Fresh out of hair spa, your gorgeous hair does all the talking.
c>Hair Styling:-Great hair doesn’t happen by chance. It happens by appointment!
d>Hair Coloring:-Life is too short to have boring hair.
e>Dry Shampoo:-Dry shampoo makes dreams last longer!

Bridal and party Makeup

Weddings are life changing events that offer lifetime of memories. Indian weddings are globally renowned for their grand and lavish rituals ranging from Haldi to Mehendi, Sangeet, Sagai (engagement), Shaadi (wedding) and reception. And this lavish affair needs some extra work in the makeup front!Every girl wants to epitomize beauty on the day of her wedding

a>Airbrush Makeup:-The airbrush makeup bridal package includes hairstyling, draping and complete face makeup. The cost is usually exclusive of wedding trials for which you need to pay separately. This makeup in specific offers a full proof coverage against dark spots, blemishes and dark circles to make the skin well toned and even.

b>HD Bridal Makeup:-This is a camera ready makeup option for brides to look like a postcard beauty- blemish free, glowing and natural. It includes a skin healthy makeup regimen that focuses on the use of best coverage cosmetics for maximum radiance.

c>Regular Bridal Makeup:- It involves sprucely selecting high quality chemical free cosmetics for makeup and styling. The high quality makeup base keeps the makeup from cracking or smudging easily.

Manicure and Pedicure

“Manicure is advertising; pedicure is a pleasant surprise!” Clean and well maintained hands and legs are for sure a dream job of most of us. Good looking hands and legs surely make a great impression of a well groomed appearance. Today, manicures and pedicures keep a great importance is the cosmetic world because they enhance the appearance of hands and legs in a stunning way. However, it is not just about beauty or appearance, it is also about the health; and the mani-pedi treatments surely help in promoting greater health of your fingers, fingernails, toes and toenails.

a>Regular/ Basic Manicure and Pedicure Treatment:-The most basic nail care treatment, soothing and softening of hands and feet by removing dead skin cells and moisturizing hands and feet with brief massaging on hands and legs are included in a regular manicure and pedicure. A regular manicure begins with soaking of your hands in warm soapy water, which aids in soothing and softening the dead skin cells.

b>Spa Manicure and Pedicure Treatment:-Though the spa manicure and pedicure treatment includes all the processes of a regular treatments of manicure and pedicure; these advanced spa mani-pedi treatments add up an additional treatment like the paraffin wax treatment or glycolic exfoliation treatment.

c>French Manicure and Pedicure Treatment:-French manicure and pedicure type of treatment is absolutely classic and the type of manicure and pedicure you would like to have for the best looking hands, feet and nails. Here, the manicurist or the pedicurist applies a polish in a clear white or pale pink over the entire finger nail and toe nail and followed by while nail polish on the tips of the nails.

d>Stone Manicure and Pedicure Treatment:-One more manicure and pedicure treatment is the stone manicure and pedicure.However, here at the end of the treatment in Stone Manicure and Pedicure Treatment, the manicurist or pedicurist places a heated stone on your hands and feet for providing you the best relief from the overworked or stressed hands and feet.

e>Gel Manicure and Pedicure Treatment:-Gel manicure and pedicure treatment is another manicure and pedicure treatment type which involves a gel polish for applying on the nails that looks similar to a regular nail polish. The Gel technique for manicure and pedicure involves similar processes and steps for mani-pedi treatments; however, a gel polish or a colored gel similar to the regular nail polish is used for applying on the nails with three coats

Contact Details:-

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